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Monday 3 September 2012

A Psy-Fi Blog E-Book: The Zeitgeist Investor

I’m delighted to announce that PSB’s first e-book has just gone live on Amazon.  The Zeitgeist Investor is a time-bending canter through financial history, examining how different eras evoke similar, and some not-so-similar, responses from over-excitable, under-prepared and behaviourally challenged investors.  It also spends an inordinate amount of time being rude about various financial innovations which were supposed to make things better but, in fact … didn’t.

The Table of Contents is here, which may give you a clue to the content.  Long-time readers will be able to pick out familiar themes but the longer format allows a fuller and more integrated treatment, without all those annoying references and hyperlinks that disturb the narrative flow.

1.         Forward
2.         Markets Are Adaptive, People Are Reflexive
3.         Anchored in the Wonder Years
4.         Irving Fisher’s Big, Bad Call
5.         The Ross-Goobey Moment
6.         Emotional Tulip Trading
7.         Volatility at Work
8.         A Personal Margin of Safety
9.         Are You Satisificed?
10.       Investing by Jerks
11.       A Twenty-First Century Bubble
12.       Free Will and Model Risk
13.       The Zeitgeist Commandments

The e-book format also allows an exploration of the digital cross-over opportunities.  Rather than including a detailed list of references and bibliography in the book – which no one reads anyway (well, actually, I do) and don’t really work with e-books – it’s available on The Zeitgeist Investor’s endnote page, appropriately and directly cross-referenced to the actual source material. 

I’ll also be publishing a couple of additional chapters to the book on here in the near future.  In the meantime if you’d be so kind as to purchase a copy via the blog here that will add some extra pennies to the coffers, which will, in due course, be recycled into a better experience all round … and, remember, of course, you don’t actually need to own a Kindle to buy and read Kindle content :)


  1. Bought my copy right away and looking forward to reading it :-)

  2. One Click. Looking forward to it as well. ;-)

  3. £3.99? Bargain! I'll be downloading a copy of this for sure. Certainly sounds like an interesting topic. I'm wondering what you would have to say to the people who say that software is responsible for such a high proportion of trading activity that psychology doesn't really come into the equation anymore?

  4. Read it. Great insight Tim. Love your work