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Monday 21 September 2009

So What's Behavioural Finance Ever Done For Us?

"7 Ways To Profit From Other People's Folly" has been posted over on Monevator with thanks to the Investor. For anyone interested in some background here are the relevant links ...
  1. That there’s always a crisis just around the corner was covered in Panic!
  2. Everyone’s affected by behavioural biases is a repeating meme, but see You Can't Trust The Experts With Your Investments and Overconfidence and Over-Optimism for some examples
  3. That stocks tend to under and over-react to news due was touched on in Regret, a fact that generally because ...
  4. Everyone’s risk adverse, at everything, as discussed in Loss Aversion Affects Tiger Woods, Too
  5. Investor gullibility was addressed in The Halo Effect: What's In A Company Name? although there are countless examples elsewhere
  6. The importance of either getting good feedback or simply being miserable was reflected on in Depressed Investors Don't Need Feedback, Everyone Else Does and that
  7. Anecdotes are not evidence was pointed out in Fairy Tales For Investors
Happy researching!

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