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Sunday 1 February 2009

The Rules

Terms of Use & Disclosure

What you can expect from me and what I expect from you.

Investment Advice

The aim of this blog is to disseminate and discuss the research into the links between psychology and finance in a manner that’s accessible to people without a background in either of those topics (although I hope everyone can find something of interest). It is NOT to offer investment advice, an activity for which you should go and find someone who’s properly qualified and then pay them properly for said advice.

To be clear: I don’t offer investment advice on this site.

Investment Disclosure

In the highly unlikely event that I ever have a personal position in any company mentioned then I will disclose it. However, since I never talk about specific stocks and only rarely about companies in general this isn’t going to happen very often.

Advertising Disclosure

I do not engage in any kind of undisclosed "paid for" advertising in any form, monetary or otherwise. If I'm getting any form of compensation for anything on the site then readers will know about it.  Currently the only way any money comes from the site is through Amazon referrals, which at least funds the reading habit which fuels the site.

Quoted Research and Commentary

The posts here will usually headline some aspect of behavioural finance, often triggered by a topical issue and backed up by some relevant research from some of the myriad, underpaid researchers spread out across the globe, slowly disentangling our twisted ways. This site is, I hope, a tribute to their underappreciated contributions to the sum of human knowledge.

Linked pages, research quoted and my commentary on them are all provided in good faith. However, I will make errors and I can’t peer review in detail every piece of research. Any mistakes made will be corrected and an appropriate notification and/or apology published as soon as reasonably possible after they’re pointed out.


Comments posted are unmoderated and the sole responsibility of the poster. If you choose to post libellous comments you only have yourself to blame if someone comes after you with a writ. In addition profanity isn’t ever necessary and advertising (covert or not) is simply asinine. Any such comments will be removed as soon as I discover them. And please feel free to point them out.

Although I often criticise the various idiocies of the wider investment industry in order to make a general point I never knowingly or intentionally criticise any specific individual. To quote Warren Buffett: praise the individual and criticise the category. We all walk through this vale of tears but once, we might as well be nice to each other as we go – so please try and observe the courtesies.


Personal information – e.g. email addresses or names – obtained through running this site will never be voluntarily shared with third-parties. A place awaits in Dante’s innermost circle of Hell for those who engage in such practices.


And finally: SMILE!

Your mirror neurons will do the rest :)

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