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HONTI is a series of articles about how not to invest, covering the wide range of weird and wonderful ways which people find to lose money in markets.  The principle here is simple: avoid losing money, exhibit sufficient patience and you'll do all right eventually.  The skill is to understand when we're being fooled by our own minds into doing the wrong thing, and then do the opposite!

Summary of Articles

#1 How Not To Invest: Bias the odds in your favor: start by avoiding the avoidable mistakes.

#2 Hindsight's Not So Wonderful: Don't forget the past, get yourself some feedback.

#3 Don't Fear Volatility: Don’t worry about short-term price trends, turn off the portfolio tracker.

#4 Disconfirm, Disconfirm, Disconfirm: Look for evidence that you're wrong, not that you're right.

#5 Home Is Where The Risk Is: Reduce your risks by diversifying your investments internationally.

#6 Distrust the Experts: Don't take experts at face value: check their knowledge and their results.